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Chaos/League Zone Rules / Policy

If you just come to Chaos/League Zone to play, have fun, make friends and talk about interesting things, then you don't need to spend time reading this. These rules are mainly for those who can't play nice with others or wish to play with an unfair advantage. If you choose to venture into the gray areas of the rules, don't be surprised when consequences are applied. If you have crossed the line before, don't be surprised when consequences are more quickly applied to you.

Note: If you are given an official warning by a staff member (text will appear in red) or even a polite personal message warning you should follow directions immediately. Choosing to ignore or argue will lead to stiffer penalties. If you have a problem with the staff member's ruling or if you do not know if this person is a legitimate staff member please ?logbuffer (if you aren't already logging) the event and forward the pertinent info to hallucination in a private message on the forums.

Bannable Offenses:

A1: Detrimental Behavior - Incidents in Chaos and League are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not limited to these explicit rules. Behavior deemed detrimental to the zone by the staff will be dealt with accordingly. For example, if you are driving out more people from the zone than you are bringing in, reconsider your behavior before consequences are applied.

1: Cheating - This is a Zero Tolerance Zone. Minimum ban is one year. If you see a cheater, use ?cheater (cheatername) (what they are doing). DO NOT say they are cheating in pub. This alerts cheaters often allowing them escape.

2: Impersonating zone staff - Usually warned first. FYI, Bots are part of the staff.

3: Obscene or racist nicks or squadnames - Any name/squadname that attempts to get around the obscenity filter or is generally offensive will be dealt with.

4: Bug abuse - From time to time bugs are discovered and must be moderated. If you find a bug in a bot, give details to the staff in a private message on the forums. Use of bugs/exploits in the game or in bots to disrupt play or the zone will result in a ban.

5: Use of multiple clients - Basic rule is one person, one client. Using two or more machines, instances of Continuum, or any method of having multiple presences in the zone, especially to gain an unfair advantage (e.g. by speccing your opponent), will result in one or more clients/machines getting banned.

6: Cross Zone Harrassment/Spamming/Messages - It has always been a Subspace-wide rule that this is net-bannable, but is also now listed here for the clueless.

7: Legally actionable behavior - This should not have to be even listed, but threats to players, or any behavior that falls outside legal bounds will earn a ban and likely a report to the proper authorities.

Other Offenses:

These offenses may result in a warning, temporary kick, silencing, speclock (length determined on past infractions), or if excessive, a ban under Rule A1. Note that League arenas have more lattitude given for people to be obnoxious jerks.

1. Racial/discriminatory remarks.

2. Public spamming - especially offensive or chronic spamming. This includes abusing ?cheater or ?help.

3. Excessive gratuitous profanity is not allowed. Cursing someone out for being a lamer and most exchanges of insults is fine. Just don't get too carried away.

4. "Extreme suiciding" is detrimental. If a pilot dies a few times in a row carelessly, that's ok. If the pilot neg rockets turrets/bty and tries to kill them, it's ok. If the pilot is not greening, running their energy down, diving into mines/bombs while red...the intent is clear. You will not be banned but a speclock may be imposed.

5. Public allegations of staff abuse and/or lies/distortion about the administration of the Zone. Chaos/League is a place where players can come and have confidence that they can compete on a level playing field. That confidence can be undermined or destroyed by public comments about the staff cheating or abusing powers -- even as a joke (the new players don't realize it's a joke) -- so it is not allowed in Chaos (more leniency is given in League arenas). Violations of this rule usually result first in a warning, then subsequent violations will get increasingly lengthy shutup bans. Lies/Distortions about Zone administration can potentially fall under rule A1. If you're not sure something is true, ask.

Please note that the upper staff is intensely interested in any actual staff abuse of powers or harrassment of players. Nothing can kill a zone faster than the staff using powers to cheat, or if they harrass players. Please help keep the zone healthy by talking to the upper staff in zone, or use ?message to communicate about any suspected transgressions.

Reset Winner Competition:

Unfair influence on the Reset Winners. For example, intentional deaths of any sort, including gifting, suiciding, etc. will not be tolerated. Violations usually result in the players involved (and/or their squads) being excluded from the Reset Winners standings and/or getting a Score Reset -- no warning will be given. However, these violations will be handled on a case by case basis.

The Reset Winners competition has been a core component of Chaos since the beginning and is important to many of our players. It is essential that those players recognized in the standings achieve their records in a fair manner.